Delivery the way you need it.

We help restaurants deliver a great experience to their consumers.

We are true delivery service partners focused on restaurant owners, drivers, consumers, community goodwill and franchisees.

We pay it forward with positive messaging, kindness and transparency in all we do.

Born from a positive place amidst COVID-19

DRIVE KINDNESS is a TRUE PARTNER to the restaurant industry in all aspects.

The American Way

Competition is the American way. That’s why we are a delivery company with integrity to compete with the big three Third-Party Delivery Companies (TPD).

See the Benefits


Is Our Mission

Drive Kindness for everyone involved to win through our five pillars of success

and always stay true to our roots


The Benefits

Technology & Training

  • Gold standard delivery technology
  • Driver app
  • Restaurant owner / franchisor training
  • Manager training
  • Driver training
  • No dispatcher needed.
  • Driven through computer technology

Marketing & Value

  • We save restaurant owners between 50% and 66%
  • Restaurants own their customer data
  • Restaurants create better brand value and perception
  • Restaurant owners market better to their customers